My Favorite Fitness Apps

We live in a world where smart phones can help with nearly every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we wonder how we lives so efficiently without them. Anyway, with that said we have a few favorite apps that help with healthy living. These apps are all very different from one another and there are soooo.. read more →

Benefits of Superfoods!

Many hear the term “Superfoods” all the time. So many questions follow that specific term. What exactly is a Superfood? Why should I be consuming them? And what foods are listed as Superfoods? In this quick blog I will try to answer all of those questions so next time you hear “Superfood” mentioned you won’t.. read more →

Protein Content For Us Active Individuals

Everywhere we read about needing more protein and this protein powder and that protein powder. As a nutrition student at the University of Arizona, we are instructed about how much of each macro and micronutrient actually comes from the food we consume and does not need to be supplemented. Although some do need the supplementation,.. read more →

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise for everyone … pre and post injury! Almost every person has some degree of movement dysfunctions. These can be caused by years of improper postural or ergonomic adaptations, or over training in specific sports. Whatever the cause for an individual’s imbalances and regardless of the fitness level, Corrective Exercise is one of the.. read more →

Getting Out of That Rut

It is so easy to get yourself into a rut after feeling like you were at one point, so on top of your workout. Here are some tips to get yourself out of that rut and back on your way to achieving your goals. Try something new. If that means going on an adventure and.. read more →

Water You Doing Forgetting to Hydrate?

As we are now in the summer months, dehydration is one of the top medical issues many people face, especially here in Arizona. Many do not realize the severity of dehydration and even heat stroke. As you plan an activity outdoor it is important to follow these tips when it comes to properly fueling and.. read more →

Listening To Your Body

It is often so easy to push ourselves much further than we intended and forget all the pressure we put on our bodies. Long hours at work, standing on your feet, staying up late finishing a document or project, and spending hours depleting the leftover energy we had left in the gym can lead to.. read more →

Don’t Diet, Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

Everyone everywhere is looking for these diets to change their body and their body image. Anything from low carb, high protein, low fat, or strictly just chicken/tilapia, brown rice, and broccoli. Although many of those may show slight improvements for many individuals, over time they have been proven not to truly last long term for.. read more →

Why Face The Intimidation?

Many people have the want to get into shape but often have many reasons why going to the gym is not a comfortable place for them. Whether it is the unfamiliarity of the machines, not knowing what to wear, feeling self conscious, or not knowing exactly how to navigate their way around the gym, the.. read more →

Refuel Using Chocolate Milk

Refuel with Chocolate Milk Crazy right? Who would have thought?! Chocolate milk has double the carbohydrate and protein content in comparison to real milk, water, and a sports drink- which is ideal for replenishing muscles after a workout. Many coaches of all aged-sports teams from volleyball, soccer, to even football and basketball are keeping chocolate.. read more →