5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Fitness Journey

By: Shawn Jang (NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, NASM-FNS, NASM-WLS) When I started my fitness journey 8 years ago, I had no clue where to start. I had one goal in mind at the time, which was to gain weight. I didn’t care if I gained fat or muscle. The only way I knew how to achieve my.. read more →

10 Benefits of Foam Rolling

By: Shawn Jang (NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, NASM-FNS, NASM-WLS) According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, is a “flexibility technique used to inhibit overactive muscle fibers.” Foam rolling is a great way to keep your body in top shape so you can achieve your fitness goals more efficiently and effectively.  .. read more →

How Often Should You Work Out?

By: Shawn Jang (NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, NASM-FNS, NASM-WLS) A question we often get from our clients is how often they should work out. While this may seem like a simple question, the answer can greatly determine how slow or fast you want to achieve your fitness goals, help prevent injuries, and boost recovery time. The following.. read more →

My Favorite Fitness Apps

We live in a world where smart phones can help with nearly every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we wonder how we lives so efficiently without them. Anyway, with that said we have a few favorite apps that help with healthy living. These apps are all very different from one another and there are soooo.. read more →

Getting Out of That Rut

It is so easy to get yourself into a rut after feeling like you were at one point, so on top of your workout. Here are some tips to get yourself out of that rut and back on your way to achieving your goals. Try something new. If that means going on an adventure and.. read more →

Listening To Your Body

It is often so easy to push ourselves much further than we intended and forget all the pressure we put on our bodies. Long hours at work, standing on your feet, staying up late finishing a document or project, and spending hours depleting the leftover energy we had left in the gym can lead to.. read more →

Accidents happen – How you recover can depend on your lifestyle

By: June-Ellen Ottoson, Trainer – Fitness Propelled,  AFAA Certified I recently tripped over a dog (my small blond dog who shall remain nameless) and ended up at the bottom of the stairs. I am not new to minor accidents or more serious ones for that matter, but I have always realized that if I were.. read more →

The Many “Looks” of the Gym

By: Geoff Rubin, Fitness Propelled, CPT/CIFT/TRX II The gym is my home away from home.   Like with relatives, sometimes you simply do not have a choice on whom to let in through your front door.   So you go ahead and lay down that welcome mat  “All are Welcome”.  Well, big mistake as while you are.. read more →

Top 5 Hurdles Clients Face Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal training is rampant and quite accessible at fitness facilities, specialized and boutique gyms.  So, why is it that when you are working out, you see plenty of people refraining from hiring a personal trainer? Heck you might even be that person! Everybody, regardless of industry could learn something of importance from an expert in.. read more →

What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?

With 2016 well on its’ way, gym’s and fitness facilities are packed and clients are working diligently towards their new year resolutions with their trainers.  But, what is it that we as clientele should be looking for in our trainers that qualify them in experience, credentials and personality to work with us? Let’s take a.. read more →