4 Essential Hydration Tips for Runners

4 Essential Hydration Tips for Runners read more →

Running, it propels us forward

By: Geoff Rubin, CPT/CIFT/TRX II Hitting the pavement and accruing mileage is certainly a physical feat, but what is the motive behind doing it? Running is a sport which is definitely not for the meek, so what is it that drives us to put on our shoes, tie those laces and exit that front door?.. read more →

Fuel Your Body Effectively Pre/Post and During Your Running Program

Tips on how to fuel your body effectively pre/post and during your running program. read more →

Why Integrate heart rate training into your running program?

By: Geoff Rubin, Fitness Propelled (CPT/CIFT/TRX II) I am a runner; however I am not one with a strap tightly fastened across my chest. However, more recently as I progress in my running distances and pace, I wanted to garner an understanding of the basic rationale for wearing a heart rate monitor while running. Heart.. read more →

Contribute your strong suits….

By: Geoff Rubin, Fitness Propelled (CPT/CIFT/TRX II) Contribute (Verb) give (something, such as money or time) in order to help achieve or provide something. (Dictionary.com). I’ve often wondered how could one person, especially me!, “contribute” to make a difference. Well, it took some internal investigating, but I had always known that through fitness, I could.. read more →

It Is All In The Shoes

By: Geoff Rubin, CPT/CIFT/TRX II In the world of running, we could easily say that the most important aspect of hitting the road is what happens to be covering our feet. This is not your article for promoting a certain brand or offering expert insight into “The Magical” shoe for running, but simply meant to.. read more →

3 Upper Body Strength Training Exercises That Improve Running Performance

By: Geoff Rubin, CPT/CIFT/TRX II Our bodies interact as one integrated system. When emphasizing proper running form, we must look at the performance of how the entire kinetic chain is moving, from the toes all the way up. While running, your arms counterbalance the motion of your legs, resulting in saved energy. The swing of.. read more →

Interval training, a must for reaching greater heights as a runner

“If you ever want to be a successful runner, you have to consider everything.” (Arthur Lydiard) All the more reason that just running more or longer simply doesn’t cut it in today’s ever growing popularity with running. Well, you must be asking, what am I supposed to do instead?   It is time for us to.. read more →

5 Strength Training Exercises for Running Enthusiasts

Who knew that in order to increase running efficiency, lessen injury potential and develop more core and lower body stability that we need to incorporate “strength training” as opposed to just running more? Well, if you find yourself on the side of choosing to run more, you might want to consider adding a strength training.. read more →

How do you go about preventing and treating running injuries?

Fitness Propelleds’ previous article was all about identifying and understanding some of the more common running injuries. In this article we will provide you with handy tools as to prevent those injuries from occurring and present a few strategies in order to treat injuries that have occurred. Preventative Components: 1)      Stretching for the task: Examples.. read more →