Understanding Common Running Injuries

As a rather new, however avid running enthusiast, I wanted to investigate common running injuries that many passionate runners will often face. It’s important that we identify these potential injuries in advance as to avoid injuries in our future. With the health benefits of running bountiful from controlling weight, improving cardiovascular function and help alleviate.. read more →

What & why did you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle?

What & why did you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle? What & why did you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle?   We all have a story to share on how we started our journey towards pursuing a healthier life. Here’s Fitness Propelled trainer Geoff Rubin’s story, listed on the American Council on Exercises.. read more →

9 Things to Look For in a Quality Weight Loss Program

With summer in full swing and everyone pursuing those ideal swimsuit figures, it is important for consumers to be aware of what makes up a “Quality” weight loss program. With the huge variety of weight loss programs available, how can you choose the right one that will help you lose weight safely and keep it.. read more →

Summer’s Here and the Heat is On: Summer Shorts Workout

Summer is quickly approaching leaving many people excited about the prospect of shedding layers of cold-weather clothing. This often means exposing more skin, especially if you enjoy wearing shorts. With the goal of helping fitness seekers confidently rock those short summer shorts, Fitness Propelled trainer Geoff Rubin recommends the following additions to your workout routine… read more →

What makes a “Most Excellent” personal training client?

Yes, you read it right.  What exactly does make the “most excellent” personal training client?  Well, this is a tough question, much like the thought process that clients must ask themselves constantly when asking the same question of hiring a personal trainer?  Trainer’s most often don’t always have the same luxury of sifting through clientele.. read more →

“Vibram” Barely Running

In the artice “Vibram, ‘Barefoot Running Shoe’ Company, Settles Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit”, by Huffington post editor Emily Thomas shares the story of another success made shoe company that has built their success on a foundation of lies.  As an early model “Vibram” – five finger shoe enthusiast myself, I developed a pretty loyal backing of.. read more →


Are you obsessed with the look, feel and rewarding feeling of confidence with rock hard ABS?, well you’re not alone. In reviewing a study published by the American Council on Exercise in the May edition of “IDEA Fitness Journal” – ABS! ABS! ABS!, the publication reviews the effectiveness of 16 popular AB exercises. “Tight, well-sculpted.. read more →

Do you, Foam Roll?

Ever feel as if your body is just dragging into the gym? I know mine is suspect to this feeling.  That’s why in the article “Roll Out to Warm Up” by Susan P. of IDEA Health and Fitness Magazine, it’s especially important to incorporate a warm up routine that wakes up your muscles and prepares.. read more →

9 Ways to $ave More @ the Checkout Counter

Ever wonder how to save a little more dough at the grocery checkout counter. I’ll tell you, I sure have. In an article printed in the November issue of IDEA Food & Nutrition, they share 9 excellent cost saving tips that I felt obliged to share with you. Let’s get started. Here they are….. 1).. read more →

The New Science of Counting Calories

“Recent research shows why nuts, fresh fruits and uncooked foods can be attractive choices for weight-conscious clients.” According to Kadey, Matthew, MS, RD in an article produced by Idea Fitness Journal.   If you didn’t know, and I know I didn’t, the current method to determine the energy value of food is called the “Atwater”.. read more →