July 10, 2013

Article: What Obese People Wish Fitness Professionals Knew (Idea Fitness Journal – ACE)

In the article “What Obese People Wish Fitness Professionals Knew” by Joy Keller, published in Idea Fitness Journal – ACE, she leaves us “Fitness professionals” with some important comments to become aware of from clientele she serves.  It is important to understand these comments when working and developing fitness programs for obese clientele.  Be sure to read these comments below as they will help you develop long lasting, emotionally lifted, and beneficial fitness programs for your clientele.

Interpret these comments with empathy, not sympathy as they provide you with perspective.

  • “I am not lazy”
  • “I don’t necessarily want or need to lose as much weight as you think I do. My biomarkers are good.”
  • “I don’t have access to the same moisture-wicking clothes thin people do, and that can make working out more difficult for me, owing to chafing and lack of comfort.”
  • “Don’t presume I don’t know how to eat correctly.”
  • “My body is hard to carry around.”
  • “Please give me time to do what you ask.”
  • “It’s very hard to be in social situations when you’re used to being made fun of on a regular basis.”
  • “Please don’t talk negatively about your own body.  It makes me feel worse.”

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