July 21, 2013

Article Review: Research Links Sugary Drinks to Deaths and Type II Diabetes

In a study produced by the American Heart Association and research pulled from the 2010 Global Burden Disease Study, research shows that sugar sweetened beverages may be linked to 183,000 deaths in the world each year.  Broken down this attributes to 133,000 diabetes deaths, 44,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease and 6,000 cancer deaths.

Seventy-eight percent of these deaths were in low – and middle – income countries, with the highest rates of death due to sugary beverage consumption coming from the Caribbean and Latin America. “In the U.S., research shows that about 25,000 deaths in 2010 were linked to drinking sugar-sweetened beverages” (Gitanjali Singh).

One extra sugary drink per day increases type II diabetes risk.  “Risk of type II diabetes increased by 22% for people drinking one extra 12-ounce sugar sweetened drink daily.”

Helpful Hints: In order to combat the daily intake of that desired sugary beverage, I suggest infusing your water with natural sweeteners, such as taking an orange, lemon, or kiwi and slicing it up and inserting it into your H20 container.  Experiment with different fruits, it makes your daily hydration consumption fun. 

Your feedback: 

– What helpful hints, secrets, and advice do you offer to substitute sugar laden beverages? 


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