November 6, 2015

Sports Bras: Your Own Personal Wrestle Mania!

braBy: June-Ellen Ottoson, Trainer – Fitness Propelled,  AFAA Certified

Is this scenario familiar? You are putting on your workout clothes and have come to the dreaded sports bra. You take a breath, pull it over your head, then spend the next two or three minutes jumping up and down, sweating, contorting yourself into Yoga poses that don’t exist and swearing all in an effort to get the dang thing on? And forget about getting it off, because when you’re sweaty, it just sticks to you…like glue. And getting out of it is now harder than putting it on. The SportsBra Workout! It should be a thing.  Seriously, if a sports bra entanglement is an issue for you, then there is a problem. There are so many functional and user friendly sports bras out there that the days of struggling to get this garment on and off should be a thing of the past.

bra struggleLook for front closure and back closure sports bras.  Front closure is the easiest to work with for obvious reasons.  Back closure can work well too because the extra room for the opening makes it a little easier to wiggle in and out of, assuming you have the shoulder flexibility to get your hands behind your back to hook it.  My advice to you is to look for one of those options.

Next, think about what you will be doing in your sports bra. Picture the person jogging down the street in an ill-fitting sports bra. Why even wear one? It is damaging and frankly distracting for everyone involved. When you are working out you should feel confident, comfortable and not worried about bouncing or having to re-adjust your gear.  A salesperson at any bra or lingerie store should be able to help you pick out the best sports bra for what you will be doing.  It has been my experience that VS offers a great line of sports bras out there that go up to DDD size. They are attractive, affordable, and best of all they do the job! Athleta and Under Armour also make a fantastic product. But take the time to shop around. It will be well worth the effort.

boobsIn a nutshell, when you look like a bombshell in your sports bra and feel confident a great workout will come naturally.


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