February 21, 2016

Top 5 Hurdles Clients Face Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal training is rampant and quite accessible at fitness facilities, specialized and boutique gyms.  So, why is it that when you are working out, you see plenty of people refraining from hiring a personal trainer? Heck you might even be that person! Everybody, regardless of industry could learn something of importance from an expert in that field right? Well, here is my attempt at identifying the 5 most significant hang up’s you as a potential client might be facing.

1) Commitment: Commitment is hard, it’s a promise to yourself and sometimes others that regardless of excuses you must keep.  Hiring a personal trainer is most definitely a big commitment.  You are making a promise to commit

  • Time: Personal training is an endeavor that takes time, effort and consistency. There is planning, schedule shuffling, travel, enforcing of committed time to the process, etc.
  • Money: Average personal training may cost anywhere from $25 – $75 / hour. Ya, that’s a chunk of change, but remember where the money is being invested and honestly how can you even think twice on it!
  • Trust: Hi, nice to meet you, now, who are you?  Hiring a trainer is intimidating and both parties must look at being genuine with who they are and what they want out of this hiring.

images (1)2) Costs:  Your costs are out of my league.  $100 / for an hour session?  Hold up!  When hiring a trainer be sure their costs are justified and that you are getting that bang for your hard earned buck.

3)  Current physical condition: Ugh, the gym; ahh the couch….  Ever held that feeling before?  Been holding onto that feeling for a while now?  It is completely understandable to have those feelings however those feelings whether good or bad have direct impacts on your prolonged health.  Be your personal agent of change, establish a support system and create a healthier path for yourself.

4) Expectations: Burpee’s, dead-lifts, running until I am gasping for air?  What am I to expect during my training sessions?  Every personal training session should be slightly varied and tailored to each client’s individual needs outlined in your PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), assessment, etc.  Your personal training session shouldn’t look like another Americas Biggest Looser episode however, more like your personal episode where your session is tailored to your short and long term goals.

images (2)5) Trainer trauma: As I take immense pride in my industry this one cuts at me.  I hear quite often from prospective clientele that wow #FitnessPropelled services are so different, you are not trying to kill me during my first session.  Personal training, like all professions has a collection of a few knuckleheads  here and there.  Don’t let an experience with one of these knuckleheads leave a negative imprint on you.  Instead prepare yourself with knowledge prior to the session and stand up for yourself during.  Such as:

  • Know what certifications your prospective personal trainer holds.
  • Ask them about their experiences training clientele and how the develop their training routines.
  • Make sure they implement #FunctionalTraining into your overall training routine.
  • Listen to your body, not their demands. Know when to say its’ enough.


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