April 20, 2016

The Many “Looks” of the Gym

By: Geoff Rubin, Fitness Propelled, CPT/CIFT/TRX II

The gym is my home away from home.   Like with relatives, sometimes you simply do not have a choice on whom to let in through your front door.   So you go ahead and lay down that welcome mat  “All are Welcome”.  Well, big mistake as while you are at the gym you have opened Pandora’s box on  “The Many ‘Looks’ of the Gym”.   While I spend the better parts of my day at my home away from home, I have learned to kick back, relax and observe the many different looks of the gym.  Let me share just a few of my favorites below.

The Steroid or Protein Powder gym enthusiast:

When you have only just entered the gym and have yet to even touch a piece of steroidequipment but you’re drenched in sweat.  Well, you can presume where I am going with this.  Stay off the #roids brother and relax on your creatine intake.  If you want to look like a walking robot, join “Golds Gym” you will fit right in.  Take some pride in doing things naturally and putting in the work.  Let’s stop cheating the process.

bench press

The all eyes on me gym enthusiast: 

This at times can go right along with my statements of the profile above.  Benching pressing or squatting three 45’s on each side is cool bro, but when you’re older and can’t lift your arms above your head or take a seat on the toilet, you might think back and say, “who was I trying to impress”.  This also goes out to those of us who complete a set of something awesome.  Then look around for someone to acknowledge or talk to about what we just did as being pretty bomb and re-affirm our own awesomeness.

gym fashionThe fashionista gym enthusiast:

This goes out to all my boys and ladies out there who are maybe just a little confused about where they currently are.  We are at a gym, not a fashion show.   To all my boys out there put on a shirt, wife beaters do not constitute as athletic wear.  Relax on the sweatbands and arm bands, we are not at a rock concert.   Unless you are suffering from (Hyperhidrosis), chill out on the sweaty accessories.   Ladies, as much as I personally love you showing as much skin off as possible, remember that having some modesty can go a long way.  Relax on the makeup, pre-done hair do’s and newest athletic clothing.  Who are you really trying to impress?  Ladies and gentleman remember we are at the gym to put in work for ourselves and embrace others for the work they are putting in.

I’m clearly doing this wrong, but don’t worry I got this gym enthusiast:

Have you ever heard weights clanking, seen people slumping over the curl machine or look bent and out of sorts while doing an assisted pull up?  These folks clearly have little to no idea on the importance of proper form and how to adequately use those pieces of fitness equipment.  However, with extreme bravado or slight ignorance they continue to finish their sets.  Generally speaking this is where a trainer comes in and
helps out as to ensure the members utilizing the piece of equipment to the best of their ability.  But the funny part is when the members neglect the help and continue to provide improper form as entertainment for the rest of us.  Get your camera recorders ready. …

I hope that this article brings to light all the different and fascinating creatures that enter a gym on a daily basis.  I’ll be discussing more “Looks” of the gym soon.  Please feel free to share some of your “Looks” of the Gym in this articles comments section.

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