June 3, 2017

Why Face The Intimidation?

Many people have the want to get into shape but often have many reasons why going to the gym is not a comfortable place for them. Whether it is the unfamiliarity of the machines, not knowing what to wear, feeling self conscious, or not knowing exactly how to navigate their way around the gym, the gym can be a scary place for many people. Why face that intimidation?

Fitness Propelled is a company now that can remove many of those worries because they come to you. That means no gym membership fees, no annual fees, no drive time or commute, no need to worry so much on what to wear, or need for knowing how to use machines. Our company is an in home personal training company that created a workout plan specifically around your individual needs. Whether that is getting comfortable in your own athletic ability to venture to a gym or just following the workout plan the trainer provides for you, both are taking steps in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle. fitness propelled personal training

On a personal note, I think people have the impression gyms are scary because they will show up and be the only one not knowing what they are doing or that everyone there will be muscular and fit and that definitely isn’t the case. Of course each gym has a few of those people, but many are just like you- out there to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

Maybe I don’t have you convinced that gyms are a safe space to make those lifestyle changes and that is exactly why Fitness Propelled exists to get you into that place where you feel confident to enter a gym with the personal growth you can make with a trainer who is keeping your individualized needs met.

Unfortunately, we currently live in a society where people are so judgmental of their own bodies and easily jump to comparing themselves to everyone else, but I’ve learned you just have to compare yourself to the person you were yesterday or last week or last year, not everyone else. A past coach once told me this quote and I think it is how more people should look at life, “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms” by Zen Shin. Just bloom and don’t worry about those around you. Focus only on YOUR personal progress and find those who motivate you.

If you feel any or all of these concerns about the gym, taking advantage of Fitness Propelled’s In-Home aspect of their training could come as a great confidence builder and put you on the right track!

Call 480-522-7874 or Email Info@nullfitnesspropelled.com with inquiries to get yourself on the route to a happier and healthier you!

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