June 19, 2017

Water You Doing Forgetting to Hydrate?

As we are now in the summer months, dehydration is one of the top medical issues many people face, especially here in Arizona. Many do not realize the severity of dehydration and even heat stroke. As you plan an activity outdoor it is important to follow these tips when it comes to properly fueling and hydrating your body:


  1. Prepare the day BEFORE by drinking a greater amount of water than you normally do throughout the day .
  2.  Even eating foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in water content will help build up water within your body. (A good way to check if you are fully hydrated is the urine test and look for the color closest to clear.)
  3. Eat enough high caloric food so that your body does not face exhaustion in general like pastas, whole grain, sandwiches, etc.
  4. The morning before you go, try to down at least one bottle of water.
  5. And then during your outdoor activity balance water and sports drink and drink frequently.
  6. **The key detail is to DRINK when you ARE NOT thirsty yet, because when often times when you need water it is too late.**

This past week I went on an adventure to a waterfall 3 hours east of Phoenix and the night before I had a large pasta meal, with strawberries and watermelon, as well as two bottles of water (one with dinner and one before bed). Then, I got up early and drank another bottle of water and then had a 2L Camelback backpack with ice water that I drank throughout the day. I also had a mini Gatorade that I mixed with water throughout the day to keep my electrolytes up. This is extremely important especially with the high temperatures and how easy it is to forget to drink water when you’re having fun.

If you start the day of, you’re already behind, so do yourself a favor and plan ahead by hydrating early and getting to thoroughly enjoy your adventure!

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