July 21, 2017

My Favorite Fitness Apps

We live in a world where smart phones can help with nearly every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we wonder how we lives so efficiently without them. Anyway, with that said we have a few favorite apps that help with healthy living. These apps are all very different from one another and there are soooo many more we could have included but we decided that keeping the list small would benefit you all the most.

  1. Meetup App:

This app has quickly become one of our favorites because it allows you to select your interests, find out where they are happening, meet like minded people, and attend them. I personally use it a lot for finding indoor and sand volleyball meet up groups as well as those interested in hiking in the early mornings. You may think to yourself “Is it weird I go alone to meet people for a group I’ve never met?” And the answer is no because everyone in the group is absolutely just like you. We have even made some great friends through Meetup and if you’re really concerned you could always bring a friend, but its nice to know other people share your interests even if your friends don’t.

        2. My Fitness Pal:

This app is one many people have heard about, but as a Nutrition major it is fantastic. This app allows you to set your age, height, weight, and if you are interested in losing weight, gaining weight, or staying at your current weight. Next it gives you a rough caloric estimate of what a person of your goals should consume in a given day. Then as you consume your meals for the day it allows you to enter what and how much as well as if its something packaged you can take a picture of the barcode and it is inputted for you. Then across the top it tells you what percentage of the way you are to your goal and can definitely hold you accountable for what you eat and staying on track with your specific goals. Definitely a great app!

      3. Fitbit:

This app is obviously for the Fitbit user, but the apple Health app has some similar features. This app, just like the My Fitness Pal does for nutrition, this one holds you accountable for floors climbed, active minutes, and steps. It also has a feature where you can compete with friends and family to further make goals and have people there to push you to the next level and hold you accountable.

    4. Spotify:

Where would we be without music motivating us the whole way? This app allows you to create playlists and find playlists others have created for what you are looking to listen to. This is an easy way to motivate yourself, find exactly what you need, and jam out while you lift.

5. Camera:

This is not much of an app, but more of a feature each phone has. This is important because progress pictures are so important. Don’t compare yourself to your best friend, that fitness model you follow on Instagram, or how fit you were in high school. This allows you to see where you’re at and compare to where you’ve been. Progress can be small and without pictures to prove it to yourself, it is easy to lose hope. We would say every 4-6 weeks it is good to take pictures to see that progression. A few tips on fitness style progress photos: keep your face out of them so you just have your body developments to see, don’t obsess over them, and we promise that the work you put in will be shown.

These apps are just 5 of the many fitness apps we have on our phone and they are so crucial to our success as athletes and reaching the goals we have set. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us at info@nullfitnesspropelled.com.

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