December 2, 2018

Technology and Health: The Connection

By: Madison Winston (NASM-CPT)

Technology can be beneficial to our health. There are thousands of health apps we can download onto our phones to track our steps and movement, how much sleep we get, how much water we drink, how many calories we consume, macro counters, workout generators, you name it. All of this technology essentially makes it easy to hit our health goals, right? Then why, even with all the current technology, are Americans more overweight than ever and sleep deprived?

Here are some reasons you should spend AT LEAST an hour a day away from electronics:

  1. The average American spends OVER 4 HOURS on their phone each day. Almost 2 of those 4 hours are spent on social media platforms. Think of how much productive work you could get done in those two hours! If you have up to 4 hours a day to be on your phone or scrolling through social media, you have enough time to workout and accomplish your health goals.
  2. Americans spend, on average, over 10 hours a day in front of a screen. This includes phones, computers, tablets, TVs, games, etc. 10 HOURS! If you’re spending 10 hours sitting in front of a screen, that’s 10 hours you’re spending not moving or being physically active.
  3. The average American spends about 4.5 hours a day watching TV and movies. This is not surprising with the increasing popularity of Netflix and Hulu. How many of you like to snack while watching TV? Snacking and watching TV are things that can go hand in hand because we often associate a correlation between the two. Instead, try only allowing yourself to watch your favorite show if you do so while exercising.

Try to take at least one hour a day to be electronics-free. If you can do this before bed, even better! The bright light can disturb our sleep quality and the amount of melatonin your body produces. Use this extra time to be productive and choose healthy alternatives. Rather than stressing about your internet connection, try focusing on your personal connections!

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