December 14, 2018


By: Madison Winston (NASM-CPT)

Did you know that water is the second most popular drink in the United States AFTER soda? I find this statistic to be shocking, but it also explains a lot of growing health problems in the US, including obesity and heart disease.

Here are some benefits of drinking water:

  1. Over half of our bodies are made of water. Drinking enough water aids the transportation of nutrients throughout the body, digestion of food, and body temperature regulation. Water does more than “quench our thirst”.
  2. Water can help you lose weight! Water can help to make us feel full and is oftentimes confused for hunger. Next time you feel hungry, try sipping on some water.
  3. It helps us feel alert and ready. We’ve all been in that afternoon slump or have had a long day. Many people reach for a sugary, high calorie drink to get an energy boost. These drinks give a short energy burst, followed by a sugar crash and extra inches on the waist. One of the main reasons you feel tired may simply be that you are dehydrated. Take a couple gulps of water and prepare to be alert and productive.
  4. It can help us fight off sickness by aiding decongestion and preventing dehydration.
  5. If you feel thirsty, that means you’re likely already dehydrated. Get drinking!
  6. It helps us get through a hard workout – think about it… You have a better workout or can go longer, you lose more weight or hit your health goals – simple!
    If you don’t like drinking water, try adding fresh fruit to it to add some flavor or give unsweetened iced tea a go.

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