January 13, 2019

Nearly Two Weeks Into 2019– Are You Making Those Resolutions Happen?

Each year roughly 40% of Americans make official New Years resolutions that they hope to accomplish by the next year. Over 50% of these resolutions include losing weight or getting into better shape. The next highest is in regards to finances and saving money. Unfortunately, majority of these resolutions rarely make it past the six month mark, and some barely make it to February.

What sort of goals have you set for yourself to hold yourself accountable? Did you follow the SMART acronym? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely and this is crucial to making a goal that isn’t just “Get healthier,” but rather “By July 4th, 2019, I want to lose 25lbs by losing one pound a week by exercising 3x a week and cooking more meals at home.” The second goal is much more SMART as it gives you a clear picture of what you exactly want for yourself.

When it comes to your dietary habits, have you decided to make small sustainable lifestyle changes that will assist you in your goals? Following a diet fad may make you feel great the first week, but thinking of how realistic this is for you to follow financially and physically may defer you from actually finding success long term. Making small habit changes like eliminating soda and substituting it with flavored carbonated water to give yourself the same carbonated habit without the sugar and other energy dense calories is ideal to making a step in the right direction for a soda drinker.

Thinking about how you feel toward exercise and a gym is another major hurdle that many try to crawl over or curl up under. The gym can be a very intimidating place for those who are unfamiliar or lack trust in their abilities/ confidence. For someone wanting to learn a little about working out, scheduling time with a Fitness Propelled Trainer, who will come into the comfort of your own home before you brave the gym may be the best option for you. But remember, everyone was once new in a gym and was learning. And from someone who avidly works out, I have no problem answering a question or helping someone who is pursuing a healthier change in their own life. So keep that in mind when you are braving the gym. Its a good place where goals are attained, so remember that everyone there is like you, just trying to better themselves.

With the aspects of goal making, creating sustainable dietary changes, and having comfort with the unknown in the gym, let’s work together to make 2019 a happy and healthy year for all of us. Be the 8% that keeps a New Year’s resolutions and do it for no other reason, but for yourself. Please feel free to DM us on Facebook or Instagram with any questions or to book your first session!

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