January 28, 2019

Kick that Soda Pop Habit

Each day, roughly half of Americans have a glass of soda, and majority of those have between 2-3 glasses. We all know that soda is the largest source of sugar in children and adolescents today. The worst part is those who drink soda have much higher correlations with many diseases from Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Heart problems, and overall increased body fat.

What makes this beverage so addicting and why can people not refuse this beverage? For starters many sodas are caffeinated beverages which many utilize as their pick me up. Secondly, the carbonation is what most individuals are “addicted” to for lack of a better word. And lastly, the sweet taste gives a refreshing twist while on the job or in class.

Alright, yes I know its bad for me so what do I do now? Well, recently many Americans have been looking for a beverage that fulfills majority of those addictive necessities. And I think I may have a solution- despite the caffeinated beverage need, Clear American is a line of flavored, carbonated water that has stronger tastes that La Croix, tastes sweet like soda, but has none of the chemicals or high levels of phosphate because it is water. Sounds too good to be true right? The best part is for $0.69 you can purchase a 1L bottle at most grocery stores, which makes it also cheaper than soda at times as well.

Do yourself a favor and just try this product as it is cheap, has a variety of flavors (Pineapple Coconut is my personal favorite), and has many benefits that we drink soda for without the downsides of causing so many health conditions. Think, some people clean their toilets with Coke products so why would we want to continue putting that into our bodies!

Comment on our instagram or Facebook your favorite flavors and let me know how this works for you!

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