February 9, 2019

Why Wear Wearable Technology?

Many individuals have placed something with more functions outside of a watch around their wrist over the last 5 years. These wearables range from FitBits to Apple Watches and many are finding themselves more active and held more accountable by doing so. I know many of you probably have some technology on your wrist you use for not only your stop watch, step counter, workout and heart rate tracker, but even use it to check in at the airport.

According to Forbes, wearables worldwide are expected to grow “20 percent each year over the next five years, becoming a $29 billion market with 243 million unit sales by 2022” meaning that more and individuals are allowing themselves to be held accountable. This means being held accountable for sleep, steps, activity, standing goals, workouts completed, heart rates, among so much more health wise. In addition, many of these wearables have updated to have settings to allow individuals to compete with others to encourage a little friendly competition.

So if you don’t have one…do you need one? Thats a complicated question, ultimately with an overall “Yes you do” answer. Personally speaking I find much assistance in knowing how much I have exercised, competing with my friends, and even being able to turn up my music without having to touch my phone in the gym. It gives people another reason to make healthy choices, stay on top of their goals, and often you can get one for very little money. Start with something cheaper and if you don’t like how it works for you, then like anything give it up, but I can honestly say since getting my Apple Watch it has made me stay driven with my goals and even get a competitive edge.

Statistics have proven those who involve another individual with their goals are more likely to achieve them so why not give a wearable a try and chase those fitness dreams. And those of you who wear yours religiously, what is your opinions on using your watch to stay motivated? Please comment or share this post so more people can see why a wearable is a helpful fitness tool.

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