March 5, 2021

5 reasons why weight training is better than cardio

There are a lot of ways to lose weight especially in today’s world and the amount of resources at our disposal. There are some people who solely believe that cardio is the most beneficial and possibly the only way to burn fat and keep off tons of weight at a quick pace. While cardio and flexibility training can burn calories and eventually burn off fat, there are way more effective ways to do so. Weight and strength training is proven to burn fat at better rates than cardio. It is also a fact that you can lose tons of weight by simply doing strength and weight training without any cardio. There are other factors and benefits that come with weight training as well.


Getting and appearing more lean.

It is a fact that weight training can keep your metabolism boosting for longer periods than if you trained for cardio, which helps you burn off more calories throughout a day

Better mechanics

This is especially important as your age increases. Weight training increases your posture, mobility and muscle function. This can prove to be very important in those aged 50 and above.

Simple and basic long term health benefits

There are so many benefits to weight lifting that can improve not just your aesthetic appearance but your long term health as well. Lifting can improve arthritis and can also help manage blood sugar levels for diabetics. Daily mood improvement has also been proven to come with lifting.

Muscle mass

It is a simple fact that lifting heavy weights will improve your overall muscle mass, tone and strength! Lifting over a long period of time and gradually increasing weights can improve your muscle strength and mass.

Stronger Bones

Strength and weight training can increase your bone mineral density which becomes a more important factor as we age. Lifting has also been proven to lower the chances of osteoporosis and can help the condition if you are already affected by it. Overall weight lifting increases the strength and health of your bones!


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