March 11, 2021

3 ways sleep affects your workouts

Sleep is something we hopefully do everyday of our lives. Sleep is a huge key in getting the most out of our bodies, our day and our minds. Without sleep we would be unorganized, stressed, delusional and potentially hurt ourselves. Sleep is a huge component of working out, losing weight, bulking and just keeping our overall bodies healthy and moving the correct ways. 


  1. Sleep helps with cognitive function

Without sleep, our reactionary time is substantially off, which can throw off basic tasks that go on throughout your day. This especially comes into play when working out in any form whether that be weight lifting, cardio, or some sort of exercise. Doctors have all agreed that less sleep affects hand eye coordination and our cognitive skills

    2.  Sleep prevents injuries

The main way our body can fully recover from a workout is good sleep and a healthy diet. Sleep might be the more important of the two, especially if you are running on almost no sleep. Our body creates muscle memory and heals itself during sleep. So a night with little to no sleep after a workout is going to do a lot of harm 

    3.  Sleep helps with our intensity levels

Studies by doctor Breus have concluded that a night without sleep can leave       you feeling mentally weaker in the gym the next day. Without sleep our brain can perceive things to be harder or more difficult than what we are used to. Studies have shown that on low sleep it can be harder for those in the gym to hit new PR’s. Low sleep can also give us the perception that we are more tired or exhausted than we actually are, contributing to a bad workout.


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