March 17, 2021

The Importance of Stretching Before a Workout

Importance of Stretching before a Workout


No matter what age group you fall under or how strong or fit you might think you are, nobody is stronger than stretching. Stretching before a workout, and sometimes after a workout are key for a lot of reasons. Stretching is important to keeping your muscles in good health and for making sure you don’t pull any muscles. It is also possible to do the wrong type of stretching, which can ultimately do more harm than good in some instances. No matter how basic or elementary you view stretching, it is always important to get a refresher on the topic.


  • The most important reasons for stretching are going to include reducing muscle tension and making sure all your important muscles are relaxed before anyone strenuous exercise. The last thing you want is extremely tight muscles before hitting a big lift. Stretching over time is also going to increase your range of motion in specific¬† areas of your body.¬†


  • Another major reason to stretch is the increase of circulation you get after doing a lot of stretching. This is going to naturally help with blood flow and make your body feel more relaxed and loosened up.


  • One of the major reasons for stretching is going to be to prevent major injuries to any muscle tendons or important muscle regions. Keeping your body more flexible and durable is also going to improve with a consistent stretch routine


  • The ways to start stretching are going to mainly involve a slight and subtle stretch that you are going to need to hold in a comfortable position for a period of time. It is very important to remember to not bounce on the muscles as this can actually increase tightness.


  • The main times to not stretch are going to include if you have a major injury in a specific area, the range of motion is very limited or if you have an inflamed or infected area around a specific muscle. BREATHING is also very key to getting a good stretch in!



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