March 19, 2021

4 Ways Exercise Improves Mental Health

4 Ways that Exercise Improves Mental Health


Checking in on yourself as well as your mental health is very important, especially in the climate we face today with a lot of social distancing occurring. Keeping to yourself most of the time can often weigh on people’s mental health. An amazing scientifically proven way to keep your brain happy is through forms of exercise and fitness. Keeping a fitness routine, especially with a personal trainer can do wonders for your mental health in many positive ways. Keeping your mental health in check especially with a personal trainer will also keep you sticking to your routine and will force you to do workouts to your fullest potential. The impact of working out, jogging, running or lifting on your mental health is amazing and can keep you feeling great on a day to day basis. Here are 4 ways exercise impacts your mental health.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Working out can most certainly relieve stress and anxiety. For starters, working out completely can take your mind out of stressful thinking by keeping you focused on other activities that actively improve your mood and thoughts. Chemicals in the brain our released when working out that naturally calm and elevate your mood, while reducing stress and anxiety

  • Sleep Improvement

Dealing with stress or anxiety can often have a serious impact on your regular sleep routine. When our body does not get enough sleep, it can seriously damage our bodies in a number of different ways. To combat a bad sleep pattern, a great and natural route to go is a daily exercise routine. This will naturally make you more tired at night and overall better sleep will improve your mood

  • Energy and Focus

It has been proven that a daily routine of working out in some fashion will overall improve the energy you have throughout the day, and actually improve your focus. Having good energy throughout the day can drastically improve your mood and overall mental health.

  • Endorphin release

The brain chemical Endorphin is naturally released during any sort of exercise, whether it be walking, playing sports or getting a heavy lift. This chemically creates happiness, peace and calmness that extends throughout your day leaving you feeling great!




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