About the Fitness Propelled Team

Geoff Rubin, owner of Fitness Propelled

Geoff Rubin, owner of Fitness Propelled™

Geoff is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer who received a B.S. in Sports Management at ASU. Nominated as a TOP 20 Finalist in the 2014 International Life Fitness Personal Trainer to Watch Competition. He is also certified in TRX Suspension Training, Twist sports conditioning, Weight Loss Specialist and BOSU Certified.

Geoff has extensive experience in Health, Wellness and Educational fields. Working in career fields as Athletic Director for youth K-12 on the Autism Spectrum, Hotel Activities Coordinator and Personal Trainer, Geoff utilizes his vast work experience and applies his skill sets towards developing authentic fitness programs tailored for every individual. By applying a holistic approach to whole body sustainable fitness training, Geoff leads clientele towards exceeding their fitness goals.

June-Ellen Ottoson, AFAA-Certified Personal Trainer

June-Ellen Ottoson, AFAA-Certified Personal Trainer

June-Ellen has been an AFAA-certified personal trainer since 2001. She has extensive experience with in-home and on-site fitness training. Her infectious personality and creativity in designing workouts help keep her clients motivated and engaged with their fitness goals.

June-Ellen understands the profound impact fitness can have on a person’s life. She draws from her experience following an accident that left her debilitated and largely unable to use one arm. Exercise played a central role in her physical and mental recovery. It is her wish that all of her clients will experience the same transformational benefits that come with a regular exercise program.