Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness is often associated as an activity for the older generation, but the benefits of working out in the water are endless and is a great workout for any generation. The pool can provide an array of workouts tailored to individuals with medical issues that do not allow for an out-of-water session, to a vigorous high calorie burning workout with weights for those looking for a fun “cool” workout. Aqua fitness has come a long way and is definitely worth giving a try! Aqua fitness is great for kids who might be too young for weights and need an activity that keeps them focused and moving.

Here are a few issues that might be keeping you from exercise, and if one or more of these are holding you back, then the pool is the place for you:
– Chronic fatigue
– Painful joints issues
– Limited range of motion
– Partial paralysis

Aqua fitness will leave you feeling alive, invigorated, and accomplished! Call Fitness Propelled for more information and we’ll see you in the pool.

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