July 13, 2016

Propelled Athletic Wear

Fitness Propelled™ is thrilled to announce the arrival of our new clothing line “Propelled Athletic Wear”. Fitness Propelled is launching Propelled Athletic Wear by introducing you to our “Propelled to Excel” athletic T-shirts. Our slogan “Propelled to Excel” conveys a feeling of empowerment and personal drive. Our T-shirts were created for you to show the world […]

Fitness Fashion
November 6, 2015

Sports Bras: Your Own Personal Wrestle Mania!

By: June-Ellen Ottoson, Trainer – Fitness Propelled,  AFAA Certified Is this scenario familiar? You are putting on your workout clothes and have come to the dreaded sports bra. You take a breath, pull it over your head, then spend the next two or three minutes jumping up and down, sweating, contorting yourself into Yoga poses […]

Fitness Fashion
July 28, 2015


  By: June-Ellen Ottoson, Trainer – Fitness Propelled,  AFAA Certified The shoe options for working out can be a bit overwhelming, but it is definitely worth taking the time to find the shoe that is right for you. Your feet are so important and they take a beating every day, let’s face it, unless our […]

Fitness Shoes
July 12, 2015

Fitness Hues for the Blues: Are you choosing the right colors for your workouts?

By: June-Ellen Ottoson, Trainer – Fitness Propelled, AFAA Certified   It has been said that color affects so many of our emotions. Study after study has been done to see what colors make us hungry, what colors evoke anxiety and how they work in restaurant and home décor. The same principles apply to your fitness […]

Fitness Fashion
May 15, 2015

Fitness: Dress for the Occasion

By: June-Ellen Ottoson, Fitness Propelled, AFAA Certified Working out is a great lifestyle and having the right attire makes it that much better! Below are a few fashion suggestions to enhance your workout experience: Loungewear vs Activewear Having been a trainer for over a decade I have seen a lot of “loungewear” being translated into […]

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