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More and more companies are discovering the positive benefits of providing workplace fitness programs not only to employee health, but also in reducing the huge amount of money spent on employees’ medical problems.

Physically fit employees can handle physical work tasks better, deal with stressful situations more easily and are less susceptible to injuries and illness. Recent studies show that exercise can even help your employees quit smoking and drink less!

Having a corporate personal trainer maximizes your investment in your employees, and the benefits to productivity will speak for themselves.
Paradise Valley corporate wellness programs
At Fitness Propelled LLC™, we specialize in corporate fitness and understand the importance of fun motivation in fitness training. We offer a wide array of enjoyable classes and personal training options that help keep your employees at their best and emphasize a balanced routine of strength, cardio and core exercises.

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“Fitness Propelled has been instrumental in our implementation of providing health and wellness initiatives here at MFRG-ICON. Fitness Propelled’s staff of highly skilled and nationally certified trainers provide our employees with multiple weekly group fitness sessions. Since its start, the class sizes have grown and every session provided is attended at full capacity. This is a great advantage to better manage MFRG-ICON’s employee health expenses by promoting our vision of a healthy workforce. Fitness Propelled empowers our staff to lead healthier lives, helps foster a less stressful environment, and has increased more effective communication and group collaboration on projects. Adding Fitness Propelled to the MFRG-ICON family has been an integral part of our company’s always continuing pursuits towards being one of top companies to work for in Arizona.” – Justin K. – CEO, MFRG-ICON Construction

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