Couples and Group Training

Love working with a personal trainer, but looking for extra motivation? Studies have consistently shown that working out in a small group setting is the most effective application of exercise because it holds us accountable. It is much harder to negotiate out of a workout when a friend, spouse, or colleague is expecting you to show up.

Accountability does not stop after the session is over. Couples or friends that train together are also more likely to choose healthier options when eating together, which means even faster results!

A Fitness Propelled™ personal trainer will design training programs taking into account variations in physical ability or experience, making your workouts exceed your expectations.

Small group training also saves you money by lowering the individual expense for each client.

Examples of small group training are:
Couples training
Co-worker training
Friends training
Parent and Child training

These sessions provide phenomenal opportunities to showcase the importance on leading healthier lifestyles all the while fostering stronger relationships.

Ready to start working out as a couple?

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