Fitness Propelled trainers have been providing our daughter with personal training sessions over the past year and the results have been excellent. She is now in the best physical, mental and emotional shape of her life.


Fitness Propelled trainers are professional and have helped me stay committed to my goals. Trainer Geoff R., displays an infectious positive attitude. I love that every workout is different and tailored to me, my needs and goals. He is knowledgeable and prepared each and every session. Geoff is a great personal trainer, friendly and enthusiastic. Fitness Propelled is awesome!


My family started working with Fitness Propelled a couple months ago and are very glad that we did. We are always excited to train because it is never the same thing. The trainer adjusts to your physical ability, needs, and endurance. The trainer is always on time and has a very good work ethic. It is also very convenient because the training takes place at home and the trainer provides you with a nutritionist in order to expedite your results. All in all, we are very happy with this company.

Ilya K.

I met Geoff a few months ago right around the time I was going to buckle down and lose weight with no excuses. At the time I was 250 lbs. and was given a *very stern* warning by my physician that if I didn't lose weight it would severely impact my health. I started on my own with a diet program and lost approximately 10 lbs. After consulting with Geoff about his personal training service I signed up immediately because his prices are very reasonable. I began working with Geoff twice a week doing floor exercises, fitness equipment and weightlifting. My weight loss results began to improve remarkably After working with Geoff for a few months, I am now approx. 217 lbs. down from 250 lbs. My ultimate goal is 125 lbs. and I am looking forward to achieving that goal with Geoff. Geoff is friendly, encouraging, engaging, professional and courteous. I am thankful to be working with him and will continue to do so.

Ruth Z.

I have trained for many years and attended many health gyms, fitness centers, etc. Geoff at Fitness Propelled LLC is the most professional, thorough and educated trainer. He not only works a program for you, he specifies a unique one on one training that incorporates nutrition, well being with physical workouts and positive attitude. Out of a 1-10 rating , I would give Fitness Propelled an 11.

Stephanie C.

My 14 year old son has been working out with Geoff for a few months now with the goal to improve his strength, agility, endurance and overall outlook on exercising. Wow, what a difference Geoff has made. My son is well on his way to meeting and exceeding his goals and he looks forward to his workouts with Geoff. Geoff has a great personality and demeanor. He is always coming up with new exercises and routines to keep my son interested, motivated and having fun at the same time. Another cool thing is that Geoff is mobile and will meet you at your house or a park (always on time). Thanks Geoff!

Kevin P.

Geoff has been working with my 18 year old autistic son for 6 months now. My son is sort of lazy and not athletic at all. I thought he would complain and resist the workouts, but he loves Geoff and looks forward to their time together twice a week. He comes to our home and does everything from swimming to stretching to weights to obstacle courses. He is wonderful!

Kathy H.

Geoff has been working with our clients from Seeds for Autism this summer and he is doing a great job! We are a vocational arts program for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum. Geoff is working on balance, social skills, light aerobics and team building. The clients are getting involved and really enjoying their time with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get their kids moving!"

Mary Ann L.

After numerous gym-based training programs I have now been training with FP for the last 4 months. I have been more than satisfied with the results. Wish I had come across FP earlier. Highly recommend to anyone who does not have the time to make it to the gym. Home based training is the way to go.

Shakeel K.